The word Ninzuwu can also mean “magicians of the Yi Jing.” The term itself has a numeric value of 128 and represents 64 Hexagrams of Light and 64 Hexagrams of the Shadow.  Work upon oneself is accomplished by cultivation of our inner selves, which is to preside over the other two worlds.

The work of the 64 Hexagrams of Light is accomplished by the engagement of the shamanic practices and rituals found in the Art of Ninzuwu. The work of the 64 Hexagrams of the Shadow is accomplished by those who know the martial way, as expressed in Mi Lu kata and Ame-no-Ukihashi, for cultivation of the body.

The third sun of Nyarzir is the cultivation of the spirit that sits upon the throne of our being. In Ninzuwu tradition, this is achieved through an otherworldly initiatory process, which also serves as entrance into the Fellowship of the Ghost Dragon Samurai. Each individual has a different orbit, and it is due to such that a person should first demonstrate their sincerity before they are granted an opportunity for membership.

To achieve this aim, we have an open forum where the potential initiate can interact with othersof the same interest and initiated members can get to know the individual on a deeper level.  In meeting the aims of such criteria, membership is offered into the Fellowship. You are welcome to join our forum.



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