What is the Art of Ninzuwu?

The Art of Ninzuwu is an ethno-shamanic tradition that was founded in 2015 by Messiah’el Bey and Rafael Barrio with the aim of preserving the heritage of those born of spirit-human parentage, Ninzuwu, while promulgating its philosophy, which draws heavily upon Moorish alchemy, Onmyodo, and Necronomicon mysticism.

Ninzuwu can also be defined as “magicians of the Yi Jing.” Its culture, ethnicity, and language are strongly interrelated to its animist practices.  The Art of Ninzuwu conducts spiritual healing services, education, exorcisms, and “good luck” Yi Jing divination.

The official logo of The Art of Ninzuwu Inc.

Adherents of Ninzuwu culture view racial classifications and racism as the work of evil spirits and a hindrance to mankind’s evolution. It is believed that the human race must pass through the four phases of existence (hunter-gatherer, civilization, globalization, and celestialization) before reaching their full potential.  It is for this reason that Ninzuwu is the race and nationality of those who embrace the path, and its followers will usually add the suffixes of Bey, El, Khan, Tzu, or one of the letters associated with the Ninzuwu language to their names, or adopt these titles as a “surname.”

The core beliefs of Ninzuwu focus on the idea that enlightenment and immortality is obtained only through the cultivation of the subconscious mind and acts of virtue. While friendships and relationships with supernatural beings are encouraged, deities are not entreated for salvation. Nor is the term god associated with the idea of a creative force. The consciousness of life is regarded as the source of all things and what exists in life cannot be the creator of life. This includes gods and demons.

Due to its animistic view of life, Ninzuwu theology offers several roads of initiation, including the esoteric martial art of Ame-no-Ukihashi, all of which can be utilized to achieve entrance into a form of consciousness call Nyarzir, or enlightenment. Ninzuwu consider martial arts once of the oldest forms of spirituality and is organized under these principles.


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  2. I thought this might be a resource for wu xi. It is very interesting

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