*Albeit the article is short, the Hyperlinks will elaborate for you. For a more in depth study into this topic I suggest you click them. This is only the summary of a brief thought. “When the wild beast roamed the earth in large numbers, and you could hear the large birds flapping their wings at […]

The 5th Hexagram of the Yi Jing is Water over Heaven.  The Art of Ninzuwu’s interpretation of the 5th Hexagram from the Yi Jing Apocrypha of Genghis Khan reads as follows: Levitation of Water, or clouds appearing in Heaven, is an opportunity to revitalize the Soul by the enjoyment of life itself.  The 5th Hexagram […]

The Emperor Yu is credited with many miraculous deeds, which contributed to the development of China.  These include development of systems for flood control, establishing the Xia Dynasty as well as developing and influencing the spiritual practices of Taoism today.  What we are going to focus on the shamanic aspects of Emperor Yu in relationship […]

Before any advanced rites in the Art of Ninzuwu are performed the initiate must first begin every rite with the Opening of the Sea Ceremony and the Soul of Fire Prayer.  These two exercises are the foundation of the Art of Ninzuwu and everything proceeding them builds upon them.  Without a strong foundation a structure […]

Once again we will delve into why the practice of the Art of Ninzuwu originates from the Jomon Period.  The indigenous peoples of Japan were a hunter-gatherer society during the Jomon Period.  Many of the kami that they were dealing with were different from the kami of the latter forms of ‘Shinto’ that would arise […]

The Art of Ninzuwu is in essence a martial art form. This reveals that martial arts were originally shamanic in nature; the original warriors were also priest and shamans. The story of Xuz, one of the patrons of the Art of Ninzuwu, has an esoteric meaning connecting his nature as a warrior with that of […]

In the Yi Jing Apocrypha of Genghis Khan we read: “Izanagi no Mikoto, wishing to see his younger sister, went to the Netherworld.  At this time, Izanami no Mikoto being still as she was when alive came forth to meet him.  She spoke to Izanagi no Mikoto and said, ‘My husband, I beseech thee not […]