As a practitioner of any and all of the magical arts it is easy to become ensnared in acts of egotistical thinking, thereby often convincing oneself of their personal importance and elevation over the masses through their involvement in occult practices and magical rituals. This is a deliberate delusion perpetrated by the practitioner out of one’s own volition. The same holds true, unfortunately, for the layman and the uninitiated…

“And the Quekanuit is an awesome test that must be entered from the Land of the Fahmu. There are many who come across the Quekanuit and know not the reason. These remain as children and awaken from the Dream of Quekanuit with the mind of a child.”

In my perception the Dream of Quekanuit is an awesome test indeed, perhaps even an integral part of life in general, but one where the majority of mankind succumbs to ignorance and the lack of proper initiation, thus failing in this most profound awakening of awareness, resulting in stagnation of spiritual growth. For human beings the evolvement of the spirit is paramount in order to become a healthy and contributing member of the Race of Men. A child only becomes truly an adult when the spirit has properly matured. This can be achieved through the Dream of Quekanuit.

Initiation is the Key.

It always was, and forever it will be so.

Every new experience in life is an initiation in itself, but most are just content to repeat a cycle of previously determined experiences, lacking the conviction and ambition to elevate themselves to ever higher levels of existence, being merely content by exhibiting the carefree attitude of small children. In their bodies they are mature, but their minds are still in a state of infancy. They came across the Quekanuit, but knew not the reason…

While following the Footprints of the Crow, as set down in the Ivory Tablets, we will come across the Quekanuit with strength and determination, and an expanded awareness of the importance of this Dream. The subconcious impression of this importance will aid the practitioner in the continuation of the journey, venturing forth from the land of young children. Through this achievement the spirit will become aware of the true test presented by the Quekanuit and will behold the results of those who fail at this crucial step in life and the evolvement of the spirit.

We see children raising children… Never having ventured forth from that Land.

Ignorance due to the lack of initiation is the downfall of Man and the bane of civilization. And the Dead grow strong from such failings, and become as gods ruling the Living, making them servants of dust and emptiness. Be not as these.

Initiation is the Key.

Follow the Footprints of the Crow, and the road shall be clearly marked for all.

Transcendence of purity leads to the ascension of divinity.

Dumu Abzu-a








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  1. All true points and very hard hitting, especially the “children raising children” line. I think I should look more into the Quekanuit, this is a really important article if your life is stuck in a bad cycle. Thanks Dumu!


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