In the following paragraphs I will show how the science of Rupert Sheldrake, specifically his theory of “Morphic Resonance”, can be useful to those new to The Art Of Ninzuwu. I believe this theory gives us not only insight into working with the Kami, but also an alternate perspective on how we affect the future of the world as we ourselves walk the path of Ninzuwu. Once understood, the theory of “Morphic Resonance” can help newcomers see that our spiritual practice is of direct benefit to all of mankind, that being the main objective of this treatise. I will also explain why an adherence to the worldview of materialism will hinder the development of the new practitioner.

I would like to begin with emphasizing that Ninzuwu-Shinto holds a contrary perspective to that of materialism, the common worldview that most educated people hold today. It is a byproduct of the mainstream acceptance of “Newtonian Physics”. It is considered a “mechanistic” view of the universe as it holds onto the assumption that the universe is governed by absolute, immutable “laws”. In this perspective the universe works like a machine, (as opposed to being alive) which, mind you, was never a widely accepted notion until the mid-1700s. This is exactly the kind of thinking Dr. Sheldrake exposes as fallacy. Please see this banned TED talk for a list of 10 dogmas in modern science, dogmas that most educated people in the world view as the absolute truth. One of the things stated in this video is that the speed of light itself (one of the central dogmas of modern science) dropped significantly between 1928-1948, by about 20 Kilometers per second, all over the world. This evidence suggests that the universe behaves not as a machine, but an evolving organism. You know when the establishment begins to ban ideas, that those ideas must hold a great measure of truth. After much protest, TED reposted the video online.

My point in mentioning this is not to discount the materialist worldview altogether, as using this kind of thinking has provided some important discoveries and advances in medicine and technology and can still be useful to the practitioner in my opinion, but that that perspective alone cannot help mankind, or the practitioner, evolve its consciousness. It is also a worldview that leaves the individual out of the elements of their own experiences, a very counterproductive perspective for any kind of magical development. Materialism tends to put one in a “victim” state of consciousness, one where the individual cannot curb the influence of the forces of nature. It only assists in making people think that the universe is “just happening” to them, instead of being an active participator in creating reality. It is effective in making people think they are separate from the forces of nature, often thinking themselves to be “better” than those forces, because it does not fully acknowledge man’s interconnectivity to them. Materialism spurns Sheldrake’s theory, as these “Morphic Fields” are not visible to the naked eye, and exist outside of space and time. They are therefore written off as non-existent in a worldview in which all things that exist, or can exist, do so in space and time. Interestingly, the materialist worldview finds its metaphysical counterpart in the modern monotheistic religions that hold the belief that the word of their “God” is absolute and immutable. Paradoxically, in the Judaic tradition, a Monotheistic religion, there are arguments among Theologians about the true nature of their God, due to the fact that the Rabbinical God was absolute and immutable, but the God of the Kabbalah ‘(Tree of Life), acted like a living organism. This is an interesting synchronicity revealing the Occult nature of the universe.

The theory of “Morphic Resonance” supposes that the past habits of a species create its current behavior, which is made possible because the past habits are stored in a species “Morphic field” (ancestral memory), giving new organisms access to the information of their ancestors. For example, if a group of Rats learns how to make it through a particular maze, their offspring, due to their inherent connection to the “Rat field” will be able to finish that specific maze even faster. Such laboratory experiments have actually taken place, and it has been shown that with successive generations, the Rats are able to solve the maze with greater ease. Simultaneously, Rats from all around the world are also prone to learn the same techniques with greater efficiency. This shows us how species are actually governed by non-physical (spiritual) forces, and not just DNA. Dr. Sheldrake also proposes that everything from stars, galaxies to ecosystems, to human societies, are also organized by “Morphic Fields”.

I believe the science of “Morphic fields” to be consistent with Shinto’s definition of the Kami. The term Kami is both singular and plural, just as a “Morphic field” is considered both a single thing, and a collection of many things. There are also myriad Kami as there are “Morphic Fields”, both said to govern everything from stars to societies, to bodies of water. The New Age concept of the “Devas” (adopted from Hinduism) being the “group soul of the species” is also consistent. Now, let us look further into how “Morphic Resonance” and Ninzuwu-Shinto are related. Ninzuwu-Shinto metaphysics acknowledge the reality of a universe composed not of matter, but consciousness. We see ourselves as connected to a universe we speak to and that speaks back, one that we can directly influence to work in our favor. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors depended on this form of communication with nature for survival.

Much how ancestral memory is integral to the theory of “Morphic Resonance”, gaining access to ancestral memory is also fundamental to the practice to the Art Of Ninzuwu. For instance, if we look at what exactly the Dream Of The Fahmu is, we see we are dealing with the “Morphic Field” of plant life. A field that we consciously enter to gain knowledge of the language of nature (intuition), and more, from a species older than humanity. Accessing the “Plant Field” regularly strengthens our bonds with those elements of nature. The psychologist Carl Jung suggested that mankind possessed a “collective unconscious”. Jung identified what can be referred to as the “Human Field”, where we too can find the memories and work of our ancestors. The reemergence of the Priesthood of Mu is proof is this.

Now that I have explained what “Morphic Fields” are, and how they relate to the Kami, as well as how adherence to the materialist worldview is of disservice to newcomers to the Ninzuwu current, I will conclude with my main point. As we evolve in the Art Of Ninzuwu, we learn to exist in a world outside of space and time, and thus, improve the lot of humanity due to making a positive contribution to the ancestral memory or “Morphic Field” of mankind. Thus, future generations, and even people everywhere today (due to the non-local nature of “Morphic Fields”), will have access to the knowledge you have retained in your practice, which they in turn, will put to use. Think about the Rat experiments cited earlier. Our descendents will be able to move through the maze of materialism and limitations faster and faster, ultimately reaching a divine state of consciousness. We can change the world, by changing ourselves!

In light of the Goddess,

-Catherine Stelle


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  1. Awesome article man. Yeah, different animal species like crows have been reported to share in that ancestral type of memory down to specific things like recognizing certain mask (and therefore probably faces) worn by people as treats (I bet friend also). I also saw a Shinto movie called Princess Mononoke, that showed how spirit guardians of forest and mountains are the oversouls of their respective biomes. And within them is inclusive to the souls of individual beings within their biomes. As this extends to the sea, ect. Sojobo on Mt. Kurama, Humwawa in the Cedar Forest and how the Apu are described as the Oversouls of Mountans in Andean culture.

    • Thank you for checking it out Drizzle. I like what you mention about Crows, and the level of detail they can extract from their ancestral memory. Them being able to recognize a mask this way is impressive. I love Princess Mononoke! I’m glad you have watched it as well. The way it explored the concept of guardian spirits was captivating.

  2. Thank you for this article! Since years I am interested in ”Morphic Fields” Theory and now you wrote this! Amazing!

    • You are most welcome Aruirkalla! I’m so glad you found this to be of service. Dr. Sheldrake has some great work available. As an animal lover myself, “Dogs Who Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home” is my favorite, perhaps you would enjoy it as well. All the best to you.


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